Ensuring all our staff stay at the top of the class!

The beginning of the 2015/16 school year saw City Catering Southampton’s senior school-kitchen staff themselves go back to the ‘classroom’ for a jam-packed training day ahead of the new academic term.

undefinedThe training event, marking “back to school”week for thousands of Southampton pupils, was organised to refresh our catering teams, review menu recipes and bring some of the city’s favourite dinner ladies up-to-date with what’s new in the kitchen.

Steve Price, our CEO explained: “Every year we provide nearly 2 million freshly-cooked meals to our clients, so we understand the value of investing time in developing the skill of our workforce.

“It is important to provide all our staff with the training they need to continue delivering the highest standards of service to our valued customers.

“The day was really rewarding. It was great to see our staff preparing to welcome the children back to school for their new term with such enthusiasm,”Steve added.

On the day, staff had the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of workshops including kitchen management, customer service, and personal professional development.

“It has always been clear to us that having a well-trained, focussed and happy workforce is vital to our success in the community — we are committed to providing all our staff with ongoing opportunities for self-improvement and development whenever we can,” Steve said.