Keeping up to speed with new HSE rules and symbols

City Catering Southampton’s clients, staff, and young school meal diners alike can rest assured that we’ve been busy making sure our kitchen teams are always up-to-date with fresh-from-the-oven amendments to UK legislation governing the use of hazardous substances.

undefinedCEO Steve Price has always placed great emphasis on ensuring City Catering staff are the cream of the crop – and as part of an ongoing training programme the company recently held two interactive and informative training sessions designed to explain recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) rules changes.

“I firmly believe that City Catering is only as good as its people, and we are committed to ensuring that every employee benefits from appropriate and regular training and development opportunities. We strive for our services to be delivered to the highest professional standards and in the safest possible way.

“It is important that everyone in the organisation is aware of the new legislation for handling, storing and utilising all the modern cleaning products and chemicals in order to use them effectively and safely.”

City Catering Southampton provides nearly two million freshly-cooked meals a year in the Southampton area and takes seriously its important role within the community. With more than 40 heads of kitchens and a broad client-base, the company prioritises full and up-to-date compliance with industry-wide guidelines such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations (2002).

Diane Smith, Development and Training Manager at City Catering Southampton, added:“The trainer made what could have been quite a dull subject into an interesting training session full of fun facts and useful details, while at the same time giving us vital information about the new legislation.

“Our kitchen staff welcomed the training sessions with enthusiasm and seemed thoroughly to enjoy the way it was presented,” said Diane.

Sue Powell, Head of Kitchen at Springhill Catholic Primary School added: “I thought it was a very good training session. I learnt a lot that will be useful – not only at work but also at home.”

“The day was very useful,” added Penny Payne, Head of Kitchen at Mansbridge Primary School. “The trainer explained the detailed new labelling system very clearly, and I very much enjoyed the group work.”